About Maasser

Perched high in the Chouf Mountain, the village of Maasser is known for its traditional, well-preserved rural character. The village has been recognized as 0% pollution by the UNESCO.
Distance from Beirut: 57 km.
Altitude between 1200-1950m above sea level.

Come to Maasser el-Shouf and discover its secular Cedar Natural Reserve. Visit the 1940 meter mountain above sea level and breathe the beauty of the Cedars forest. From the summit of the mountains, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the countryside: eastward, the Beqa'a Valley and Qaraoun Lake, and westward the Mediterranean sea.

Cultural Heritage

Maasser el-Shouf village is a den of culture which takes us back to the old history from where King Suleiman took the cedar wood to build his Temple. Along with old houses, discover the wonderful Byzantin Church aged more than 100 years. The Maasser el-Shouf village is known for its rural and mountainous landscapes, with terraced crops and traditional architecture made of stone houses with red-tiled roofs.


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